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We’re Family Owned & Family Operated

Triple R Child Care of Chandler, a tightly knit family of childcare professionals, is serving parents for over 17 years now. We have employed certified, skilled, and experienced childcare teachers to ensure your little angels into a confident man or woman of tomorrow.


Childcare arrangements are now among the most significant issues for employed parents, their relatives, care providers, and even policymakers. Today, a large majority of parents trust childcare services to balance out their family and business needs.


In 2011, over 32.7 million young children spent time in a childcare arrangement while their parent pursued different activities outside of the home. The numbers are growing, and you might already be among the crowd. But, are you really satisfied with the service you're getting? Deep down in your heart you know your child is not getting as much care as you'd provide had you found more time from work. Don't make any compromises when it's about your child's future – let Triple R Child Care of Chandler ease out all your worries!


Triple R Child Care of Chandler, an equal opportunity employer and provider, is serving parents for over 17 years now. This is a family-owned and –operated business where we haveemployed certified, skilled, and experienced childcare teachers as well. We nurture them as babies, potty-train them as toddlers, and help them learn skills to be successful at school. Together we ensure your little angel blossoms into a confident young man or young  woman of tomorrow.


Your child is secure at our DES approved and State licensed center where every room is equipped with surveillance for added assurance. The 9,000 square feet playground gives your child ample space to enjoy his/her freedom and have fun. What's more, your child enjoys hot and fresh meals with a wide range of activities that promote learning and moral values.


Have you been getting all this with maximum peace of mind before? It's time to decide – do youwant a facility where you could just drop your children and go to work while worrying about their safety all the time? Or, you need a home-away-from-home kind of environmentwhere child development experts train and prepare every child with love, care, and affection for the life ahead?The choice is simple. Think of your child's future, think of Triple Child Care of Chandler.


Kids Special of the Month




We provide a balance in your infant’s day ranging from quiet activities

Toddlers 1 & 2

Your Toddler is encouraged to participate in finger plays

Toddlers 3 & 4

How exciting to see that your baby is growing up!

Preschool 1

Your Preschooler now enters a new phase.

Preschool 2

This is an exciting time for your child.

After School & Summer Program

After school programs focus on

Drop in Time
for a
DES Approved,
State Licensed
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Phone: (480) 705-7878
Hours: 6:30am - 6:30pm
7100 W Chandler Blvd
Chandler, AZ 85226

Northwest Corner of 56th St and Chandler Blvd.
Two blocks east of I 10

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